Dale loves iOS 11. Chris tries and hide that he never named his android folders. Then we dip our toys into the thick muddy waters of productivity apps. We'll have to re do this topic with a bit more planning next time...

Also Dale forgot about Clip of the Week... :(

All the Homescreens

Podcast Addict (Google Play)

Remember The Milk

Any.do - To do list (Google Play)


iA Writer (Plain Text Editor)

todoist (Dale's favourite to do list)

Drafts (iOS Only)

Shredder Chess (Best Chess app for iOS accodring to Dale)

Flipboard. Fun way to keep up with the news

Workflow (iOS automation)

Acorns - Invest spare change

002 - Jesus is the Ceo of MegaCorp.

Stop! There's no show notes! I may have screwed up a little and deleted them. Forever. Maybe next week, except I already know those are gone also. RIP show notes.