Episode 39 - Indestructible

Hey Guys welcome back to the tavern after a lil break we are back and we are starting with a big interview and conversation about raiding in World Of Warcraft! , And here to talk about it we got a top 100 guild chatting with us today and that is the guild of Indestructible from Kel’Thuzad Server and joining us is the GM of the guild and top world of warcraft twitch streamer , Asmongold! And joining us also is the officers and raid leads of the guild Gistwiki,Trictagon and Dragonsaber.

In this episode we will go into understanding  what it takes to run a guild that aims for world of warcrafts top pve prize ! , So take a seat and grab a drink as we jump into this special episode that is part of our Blizzard’s Road to Blizzcon series!