Episode 36 - A Tale of Taliesin & Evitel

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We got another great episode for you guys! This week mars the end of our World Of Warcraft episodes! And we thought we end it with a fantastic interview with the amazing duo of Taliesin and Evitel. This amazing couple put out World of Warcraft videos each week with updates and news about the game as well as their thoughts and opinions of what is going in within the community, With over  250 thousands follows on youtube to now sitting at 32,000 on twitch ! They are amazing duo that is truly beloved by the warcraft community. And this weeks episode we are gonna be chatting with both of them and learn about how they got into content creation as well as get to know more about them outside the game!

So take a seat and grab a drink and stay awhile and listen!

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As always our episodes were edited by Michael aka Mr.E give him some love to his twitter below