Episode 35- Doomsayer Pyromancer!!

Greetings travelers and welcome to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern!

In this weeks episode we have a interview with a very well known content creator in the world of warcraft. He is known for his conversation and videos about Lore in Warcraft but some would say that some of his theories are tinfoil hat theories! But aside from that he has known to come up many theories that many would agree with and one could even say his method of putting the ideas together almost feels like he is a Sherlock Holmes of Warcraft lore! Today we have youtube partner and twitch partner , Pyromancer!!!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know him at Blizzcon and i personally enjoy this mans content from world of warcraft to just his commentary. In the realm of content creation in World of Warcraft he is one of the most entertaining to watch. So take a seat and grab a drink as we get to know more about the man behind the screen and get to know the Doomsayer himself , Pyromancer!

Episode length 1:56:12

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This episode was edited by Michael aka M1ster E

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