Episode 34 - Mr.GM, Best GM

Greetings Patrons and welcome back to the tavern!

This week we continue going on with bringing in talented guests from the world of content creation. And in this weeks episode we have my good friend Dan here , also known by his username “MRGM” . He is a world of warcraft content creator and streamer who on average works on multiple videos each week and streams. He is a full time content creator and has made many videos covering datamined content in World of Warcraft to showcasing what is coming out in the upcoming future patches as well as speculations. One thing is for sure he is one of the hardest working content creators you will find in the community.

Today in this episode we will get to know a little more about himself and his love of world of warcraft and how he got into content creation as well as answering questions from students and viewers!

As always we provide links to the guests channels here




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