20 - See Ya Later Space Cowboy...

Greetings Weary Travelers!

Welcome back to another episode of “The Bard’s Tavern”. We know we been gone for about two weeks and we do apologize for that , but we are back and we got an amazing guest with us this week for big Episode 20!  We have a man who has does voice acting for well over 25 years . You may know him as Toonami Tom , Zabuza , and of course Spyke from Cowboy Beebop! We got the talented and amazing Steve Blum!!!!! In this interview we get to learn about his beginnings and what he has been up and of course about his classes he is now teaching online!  So take a seat and grab a drink and rest your feet by the fire! And enjoy this episode!

Steve Blums Info:



And for online classes check out https://blumvoxstudios.com/