Episode 34 - Mr.GM, Best GM

Greetings Patrons and welcome back to the tavern!

This week we continue going on with bringing in talented guests from the world of content creation. And in this weeks episode we have my good friend Dan here , also known by his username “MRGM” . He is a world of warcraft content creator and streamer who on average works on multiple videos each week and streams. He is a full time content creator and has made many videos covering datamined content in World of Warcraft to showcasing what is coming out in the upcoming future patches as well as speculations. One thing is for sure he is one of the hardest working content creators you will find in the community.

Today in this episode we will get to know a little more about himself and his love of world of warcraft and how he got into content creation as well as answering questions from students and viewers!

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Episode 33 - The Legend Of ChinglishTV

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Once again welcome back to the tavern! We have another amazing guest for you this week. This week we talk with WoW streamer and Legendary Aussie of Method Gaming.. The One and only!! Chinglish TV. In this interview we get to know more about the wow content creator and talking streaming on twitch.tv with him as well as what he has been up to and of course talking about his new podcast which you can see every on his channel at Twitch.tv/Chinglishtv
So with that being said lets go ahead and dive into this weeks episode!

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Episode 32 - It's Ya Boi Asmongold!

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And welcome back to the tavern. In this weeks episode we have on of twitch.tv’s largest streamers. We have World of Warcraft’s top streamer , Asmongold. In this interview today , we will get to know more about his beginnings of becoming a content creator and of course talking world of warcraft and streaming with him. This interview is one of our longest ones o please take a seat and grab a drink as we dive into this interview with the twitch prime overlord himself!

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Episode 31 - They Kingdom Come!

Greetings Listerns today we got a interview with Sir Rick of Warhorse Studios!

Warhorse Studios is the new gaming studio that has created the masterpiece rpg that is “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” a game you can get out now on PC ,Xbox and Ps4. This game is one of the most amazing underated games of 2018 and best part is.. IT WAS CROWDFUNDED! That is right with nearly two million dollars raised in funds it has become one of the most funded games of Kickstarter. And in this interview we are going to learn more about the studio that has brought this medival simulator to life! So sit back and relax and enjoy this episode!

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Episode 30 - Get Rekt

Welcome everyone! We have reopened the tavern again and we are starting off the new year with a big guest! That is right we got Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball!! Aka Jonathan Lipow in the tavern with is and we are excited to have him here. We are going to be learning about his road to becoming a talented voice actor and of course one half of the Tank hero Wrecking ball!.

So it back and grab a drink and enjoy this new episode of the new year!

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Episode 29 - Stay Awhile & Listen

Greetings everyone and welcome back to The Bard’s Tavern. We apologize for being away for so long but we been busy with Blizzcon and Twitchcon which we will bring up in our next episode. But this week we got another great guest in the tavern. He travels all the way from the world of Sanctuary…. This week we got the voice of Deckard Cain! Michael Gough in the tavern! Let’s all take a seat and grab a drink and jump into this week's episode!

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Episode 28 - Make Azeroth Great Again

Greetings Patrons

Sorry it has been awhile … Things have been crazy in the tavern and outside but we are back for a great episode! This week we have Esfandtv,  a Warcraft twitch streamer who has had one of the quickest growths on twitch.tv . In this episode we will discuss with him his passion for Warcraft Classic or known as ‘Vanilla” to many others and discuss his thoughts and plans for Blizzcon and more!

So take a seat and grab a drink as we jump into this episode! About Warcraft Classic and streaming as well as Esfands rise to fame!

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Episode 27 - The Dark Lady Arrives!

Greetings patrons!!

This episode is gonna be a long one and a good one. We have our first  World Of Warcraft voice actress. Patty Mattson the voice of Sylvanas Windrunner is here in the tavern! And we are so thankful for her time to be shared with all of us , so with that being said let us jump into this episode where you get to learn more about the voice behind the dark lady. We talk about her voice acting , music and ideals of life. This episode was originally 3 hours but was heavily edited to roughly two with all the content being focused on Patty Mattson! So take a seat and grab a drink and enjoy this episode.

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Episode 26 - Project Ebon Blade!

Greetings patrons

Welcome to another episode of “The Bard’s Tavern” . In this week’s episode we start our Blizzcon mini series and what better way to start then by having some passionate fellow Blizzard fans!. This week we got the creative minds behind the cosplay/art project group Project Ebon Blade. We got Hoku Props , Shepherd of Men cosplay , and the amazing artist whom the project begun with. Zach Fischer. In this episode , we dive into the the creative process of artwork and the character redesign as well as find out more about the process for creating the props and cosplay. So take a seat and grab a drink and enjoy this weeks Live Uncut episode.


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Project Ebon Blade - https://twitter.com/projebonblade


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Episode 25 - A Storyteller's Tale

Greetings patrons!

Welcome to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern , This week we got another amazing guest with us. We a best selling author among us today.  We have Micky Nielson!!! For those of you who may not be familiar with him  Micky Neilson was previously the Lead Writer in Publishing at Blizzard Entertainment and Story Lead for Hearthstone. He had also been Senior Writer and Voice Director at Blizzard, authoring comics and short stories set in Blizzard's three main universes. His work mostly involved expanded fiction outside of the game, but he had minor contributions to in-game content. Having worked at Blizzard since 1993, Neilson left the company on March 25, 2016

In This weeks episode we talk with Micky about his journey of being an author and hear about his new project “Strange Highways” a upcoming graphic novel by Micky and his friend Samwise Didier and Alex Horley. We also dive into his stories from Blizzard Entertainment and get to know more about this amazing man.

If you are curious about his work and where to get his books check out the links provided below

Preorder Strange Highways here - https://www.amazon.com/Strange-Highways-Samwise-Didier/dp/168383125X

Want to know more about Mickey Nielson ? check out his website here - http://www.mickyneilson.com/

Want to pick up a copy of his original Novel the turning ? Order here https://www.amazon.com/Turning-1-Micky-Neilson/dp/1535332530/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1534091680&sr=8-7&keywords=The+turning


And for info on Samwise Didier’s art

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Episode 24 - Make It Rane!


Greetings travelers!

Welcome back to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern.

We apologize for the hiatus but we are back and we are starting back off with a boom! Today we got Glenn Rane , one of the legendary artists of Blizzard Entertainment and one of the Sons of The Storm. In this episode we talk with Glenn about his journey into the art world and as well as get to know more about him and his time in Blizzard. In this we ask questions from art students and more! So take a seat and grab a drink and get ready for this beautiful tale of passion...art….and..um… OH YOU GET IT ALREADY!



Episode 23 - Sinister Creatures

Welcome back to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern!

This week we have 3 friends of the tavern joining us talking about Sinister Creature Con 2018 in Sacramento , California. We do our little review and talk about the convention and what we enjoyed about it as well as give you a little info on our background getting into the horror genre as fans. So as always take a seat and grab a drink as we dive into this weeks episode!

22 - Convention Season Begins!

Greetings Patrons!


Welcome to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern. I must inform you all about how sorry we all are here about the lack of episodes being released on time. We had our old pc die on us and lost majority of recorded episodes. But now we are back on it and better than ever!


In this week’s episode we dive into a review of the conventions of 2018 (so far) with a review of Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 and most recently Fanimecon 2018. We also update you guys on other cons we will be attending. So take a seat and grab a drink and relax as we jump into this week’s episode!

Hack The World

Greetings patrons and welcome to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern.  We been overwhelmed with the growth on this show and it has been taking longer to produce some episodes out on time but we do thank you for your constant support! . Now this episode we got to chat with the lovely Carolina Ravassa the voice of Sombra in Overwatch. We get to know more about her adventure into acting and what else she has been up to. So take a seat and grab drink and warm your boots by the fire because it’s time for another tavern story.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=BDC88PIUZXU  - Dramatic Reel

20 - See Ya Later Space Cowboy...

Greetings Weary Travelers!

Welcome back to another episode of “The Bard’s Tavern”. We know we been gone for about two weeks and we do apologize for that , but we are back and we got an amazing guest with us this week for big Episode 20!  We have a man who has does voice acting for well over 25 years . You may know him as Toonami Tom , Zabuza , and of course Spyke from Cowboy Beebop! We got the talented and amazing Steve Blum!!!!! In this interview we get to learn about his beginnings and what he has been up and of course about his classes he is now teaching online!  So take a seat and grab a drink and rest your feet by the fire! And enjoy this episode!

Steve Blums Info:



And for online classes check out https://blumvoxstudios.com/

19 - Primo Victoria Sabaton

Greetings weary travelers and welcome to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern! , This week we got a special episode for you guys , we have been saving this interview for a good bit and it is finally going live on our podcast! We got to interview Par Sundstrom  of the Swedeish power metal band “ SABATON” one of the favorite bands of many of us here in the tavern. We talk about the bands music, their love of touring and writing process of the music. We hope you guys will enjoy this episode as it is our first live recorded ! So take a eat and grab a drink and enjoy this interview.

18 - Brigitte , Mace to the face.

Welcome all to another beautiful episode of The Bard Tavern. This episode here in the tavern we have brought to you the newest member of the Overwatch family! we welcome the voice of Brigitte Lindholm ( Daughter of Torbjorn) , Matilda Smedius !!!  she has given us the honor of being one of the first to interview her about her career and to talk about herself. So take a seat and grab a drink and enjoy this special Swedish episode here in the tavern.


Social media links

Matilda - https://twitter.com/MSmedius

The Bard’s Tavern links

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Jaythebard89

Facebook - https://facebookcom/thebardstavern

Youtube - https://youtube.com/jaythebard

17 - Data Hunter Perculia!

Greetings all and welcome to another episode in The Bard’s Tavern. We got a special hour and half long episode for you lovely patrons of the tavern today! We got Perculia the WoWhead Site director with us in the tavern and we are gonna talk to her about her journey from beginnings in gaming to where she is now. So take a seat and grab a drink as we dive into this yet again amazing interview!

If you are lucky enough… her cat Brightpaw...may just come on the show as well!!


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16 - The Winner's Circle

Welcome back all to another episode here in the tavern guys! We got another great cosplayer with us this episode….But this cosplayer is the one whom I shared a victory with at Blizzcon 2017!!!! She is the amazing Kaz!! She won with her amazing Hogger cosplay and we are gonna talk to her about her experience , as well as share mine about our Blizzcon!  So take a seat and grab your drinks and enjoy this fun and hilarious episode!


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www.broknfm.com for more shows from the guys who helped start us out!

15 - Cosplay Time!

Welcome back to “The Bard’s Tavern” this week we got to amazing cosplayers we are interviewing. Hanari Solomon and Shepherd of Men cosplay are here with us today to talk about their experience and talk to us about why they cosplay and why it means to them. Both these cosplayers have worked with conventions or companies with their cosplays to promote at events like Blizzcon and many more conventions.. So take a seat and grab a drink and sit by the fire for this fun new episode!

If you would like to check out their work please go check out their social media pages located below