Episode 45 - Rum and Tea With Dimitri (Chris Hackney Interview)

Welcome to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern. And as always we got someone special joining me in the tavern. Today we have one of our first voice actor guests of this season. We have Chris Hackney the voice of Dimitri in Fire Emblem 3 houses!  

We are really excited to talk with Chris and learn of his story and origin of how he got into the role as well as voice acting in general. We also get to learn more about the man behind the voice of the voice and learn more not just about his voice over work but also things like his tastes in music , and more!

So pull up a seat and grab a drink and get ready for this episode!

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Episode 44 - What a Charm , That Sharm!

Greetings Patrons! Of The Tavern

I got another episode early for you guys this time! :D we fellow minstrel here in the tavern. She has been part of the Warcraft Community for many years. She creates many wonderful songs from parodies to original work… She truly is a person who follows her muse! Please everyone welcome my dear welcomed guest.  Sharm! 

In this episode we are gonna get to know a little more about Sharm and her writing process for music as well as have a little fun chat :D



Episode 43 - Chatting With Rob Chapman

Greetings Patrons!

Welcome back to another Episode of “The Bard’s Tavern”. We hope hope you are having a great start to the week. To help start off this week we got another amazing guest here for you guys. He is a very beloved music youtuber known for his instrument reviews and musical gear reviews on youtube. He is a well known and talented guitar player…. But not only that… he is the owner and founder of Chapman Guitars. 

Ladies and gentlemen of the tavern….. Please Welcome Rob Chapman to the tavern this week. He was kind enough to take some time to relax and chat with me today. So take a seat and grab a drink as we dive into this new episode!

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Episode 42 - WindRose

We are back after our long month break!! And we are starting off with a musical guest this week!  We got Wind Rose , The Dwarvish Metal Heads from Italy who had their youtube video go viral of their cover of Yogscast “Diggy Diggy Hole” We have the lead singer in today to talk about the bands history and their new upcoming album WinterSaga so take a seat and grab a drink and welcome back to the tavern guys! 


Episode 41 - Hey Perculia! , Let's Talk Blizzcon!

Welcome back to The Bard’s Tavern!!! 

We hope you all have been enjoying our “Road To Blizzcon” series so far. It’s been great chatting with the many content creators in the Blizzard Community!.

 Joining us for this special episode is the Site Director of WoWhead , Perculia. In this episode we go more into Blizzcon specific discussion and talking about the recent events within the game World Of Warcraft

So take a seat and grab a drink and come stay awhile and listen to this week’s Road To Blizzcon special episode!

To learn more about Blizzcon check out the link here  - https://blizzcon.com/en-us/

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Episode 40 - Quissy and Pasta

Welcome to the tavern! And welcome to the continuation of our Road To Blizzcon series ! where we are talking with multiple content creators and members of the Blizzard community. In these past few episodes you have either learned about a content creators , Mythic raiding and of course Classic WoW and why people are excited for it. Well this week we got another guest from the WoW community and that is the lovely duo of Quissy and Pasta. In this episode we talk with our guests learning their background as well as talking a bit more about classic wow and why fans have been wanting this game for years.

So take a seat and grab a drink and enjoy this episode!

Episode 39 - Indestructible

Hey Guys welcome back to the tavern after a lil break we are back and we are starting with a big interview and conversation about raiding in World Of Warcraft! , And here to talk about it we got a top 100 guild chatting with us today and that is the guild of Indestructible from Kel’Thuzad Server and joining us is the GM of the guild and top world of warcraft twitch streamer , Asmongold! And joining us also is the officers and raid leads of the guild Gistwiki,Trictagon and Dragonsaber.

In this episode we will go into understanding  what it takes to run a guild that aims for world of warcrafts top pve prize ! , So take a seat and grab a drink as we jump into this special episode that is part of our Blizzard’s Road to Blizzcon series!

Episode 38 - Blizzcon Tales , Club Tito's

Hey guys welcome back to the tavern.

In this episode we start our new mini-series  named “The Road To Blizzcon” Which will will bring in multiple guests within the Blizzard Gaming Community to Blizzard Staff.

In this episode today we interview one of the most beloved groups at Blizzcon!! , The fraternity like family group known as Club Tito’s . A group founded by a man from all the way down under who goes by the name Huge Bloke , who founded this club that is dedicated to attending Blizzcon and welcoming new attendees!

So take a seat and grab a drink , and stay awhile and listen to this tale of Blizzcon!

Length 50 mins

Episode 37 - Strange Highways

Greetings Patrons

This week in the tavern we got two guests. Both have been guests in the tavern before and now we got them both here together!

We got Samwise Didier and Micky Neilson in the tavern today!.

When we last spoke with these two we were talking about their individual books and projects but now we got them here to talk about their joint project. “Strange Highways” The new book coming out this May and it is an amazing story from the minds of these two amazing and talented duo. So lets take a seat and grab some drinks as these two gentlemen join us here in the tavern with also a special announcement you will hear first only in the tavern!

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Episode 36 - A Tale of Taliesin & Evitel

Greetings Patrons

We got another great episode for you guys! This week mars the end of our World Of Warcraft episodes! And we thought we end it with a fantastic interview with the amazing duo of Taliesin and Evitel. This amazing couple put out World of Warcraft videos each week with updates and news about the game as well as their thoughts and opinions of what is going in within the community, With over  250 thousands follows on youtube to now sitting at 32,000 on twitch ! They are amazing duo that is truly beloved by the warcraft community. And this weeks episode we are gonna be chatting with both of them and learn about how they got into content creation as well as get to know more about them outside the game!

So take a seat and grab a drink and stay awhile and listen!

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Episode 35- Doomsayer Pyromancer!!

Greetings travelers and welcome to another episode of The Bard’s Tavern!

In this weeks episode we have a interview with a very well known content creator in the world of warcraft. He is known for his conversation and videos about Lore in Warcraft but some would say that some of his theories are tinfoil hat theories! But aside from that he has known to come up many theories that many would agree with and one could even say his method of putting the ideas together almost feels like he is a Sherlock Holmes of Warcraft lore! Today we have youtube partner and twitch partner , Pyromancer!!!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know him at Blizzcon and i personally enjoy this mans content from world of warcraft to just his commentary. In the realm of content creation in World of Warcraft he is one of the most entertaining to watch. So take a seat and grab a drink as we get to know more about the man behind the screen and get to know the Doomsayer himself , Pyromancer!

Episode length 1:56:12

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Episode 34 - Mr.GM, Best GM

Greetings Patrons and welcome back to the tavern!

This week we continue going on with bringing in talented guests from the world of content creation. And in this weeks episode we have my good friend Dan here , also known by his username “MRGM” . He is a world of warcraft content creator and streamer who on average works on multiple videos each week and streams. He is a full time content creator and has made many videos covering datamined content in World of Warcraft to showcasing what is coming out in the upcoming future patches as well as speculations. One thing is for sure he is one of the hardest working content creators you will find in the community.

Today in this episode we will get to know a little more about himself and his love of world of warcraft and how he got into content creation as well as answering questions from students and viewers!

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Episode 33 - The Legend Of ChinglishTV

Greetings Patrons!

Once again welcome back to the tavern! We have another amazing guest for you this week. This week we talk with WoW streamer and Legendary Aussie of Method Gaming.. The One and only!! Chinglish TV. In this interview we get to know more about the wow content creator and talking streaming on twitch.tv with him as well as what he has been up to and of course talking about his new podcast which you can see every on his channel at Twitch.tv/Chinglishtv
So with that being said lets go ahead and dive into this weeks episode!

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Episode 32 - It's Ya Boi Asmongold!

Greetings Patrons!

And welcome back to the tavern. In this weeks episode we have on of twitch.tv’s largest streamers. We have World of Warcraft’s top streamer , Asmongold. In this interview today , we will get to know more about his beginnings of becoming a content creator and of course talking world of warcraft and streaming with him. This interview is one of our longest ones o please take a seat and grab a drink as we dive into this interview with the twitch prime overlord himself!

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Episode 31 - They Kingdom Come!

Greetings Listerns today we got a interview with Sir Rick of Warhorse Studios!

Warhorse Studios is the new gaming studio that has created the masterpiece rpg that is “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” a game you can get out now on PC ,Xbox and Ps4. This game is one of the most amazing underated games of 2018 and best part is.. IT WAS CROWDFUNDED! That is right with nearly two million dollars raised in funds it has become one of the most funded games of Kickstarter. And in this interview we are going to learn more about the studio that has brought this medival simulator to life! So sit back and relax and enjoy this episode!

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Episode 30 - Get Rekt

Welcome everyone! We have reopened the tavern again and we are starting off the new year with a big guest! That is right we got Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball!! Aka Jonathan Lipow in the tavern with is and we are excited to have him here. We are going to be learning about his road to becoming a talented voice actor and of course one half of the Tank hero Wrecking ball!.

So it back and grab a drink and enjoy this new episode of the new year!

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Episode 29 - Stay Awhile & Listen

Greetings everyone and welcome back to The Bard’s Tavern. We apologize for being away for so long but we been busy with Blizzcon and Twitchcon which we will bring up in our next episode. But this week we got another great guest in the tavern. He travels all the way from the world of Sanctuary…. This week we got the voice of Deckard Cain! Michael Gough in the tavern! Let’s all take a seat and grab a drink and jump into this week's episode!

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Episode 28 - Make Azeroth Great Again

Greetings Patrons

Sorry it has been awhile … Things have been crazy in the tavern and outside but we are back for a great episode! This week we have Esfandtv,  a Warcraft twitch streamer who has had one of the quickest growths on twitch.tv . In this episode we will discuss with him his passion for Warcraft Classic or known as ‘Vanilla” to many others and discuss his thoughts and plans for Blizzcon and more!

So take a seat and grab a drink as we jump into this episode! About Warcraft Classic and streaming as well as Esfands rise to fame!

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Episode 27 - The Dark Lady Arrives!

Greetings patrons!!

This episode is gonna be a long one and a good one. We have our first  World Of Warcraft voice actress. Patty Mattson the voice of Sylvanas Windrunner is here in the tavern! And we are so thankful for her time to be shared with all of us , so with that being said let us jump into this episode where you get to learn more about the voice behind the dark lady. We talk about her voice acting , music and ideals of life. This episode was originally 3 hours but was heavily edited to roughly two with all the content being focused on Patty Mattson! So take a seat and grab a drink and enjoy this episode.

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Episode 26 - Project Ebon Blade!

Greetings patrons

Welcome to another episode of “The Bard’s Tavern” . In this week’s episode we start our Blizzcon mini series and what better way to start then by having some passionate fellow Blizzard fans!. This week we got the creative minds behind the cosplay/art project group Project Ebon Blade. We got Hoku Props , Shepherd of Men cosplay , and the amazing artist whom the project begun with. Zach Fischer. In this episode , we dive into the the creative process of artwork and the character redesign as well as find out more about the process for creating the props and cosplay. So take a seat and grab a drink and enjoy this weeks Live Uncut episode.


Check out more info in links below

Project Ebon Blade - https://twitter.com/projebonblade


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Shepherd Of Men Cosplay